Best GPS tracker for Dogs

Best GPS Tracker for Dogs

Most pet owners are constantly worried about the safety of their little furry friend. It’s perfectly normal to educate yourself on new tips and gadgets to stay on top of your pet’s safety. Although the market is loaded with a wide range of pet-friendly accessories, we have decided that one of the year’s best gadgets, GPS trackers for dogs, deserved a review, and not only that, but we want to help you find the Best GPS Tracker for Dogs.

A GPS Tracker can help you save the life of your pet. Whether you’re working out on a large baseline survey with your pal, or on a hike in the wilderness on the weekend, there are times when you want to know where your dog is. Many big brands have presented budget friendly and feature-rich GPS trackers, making it a little difficult to find the best product for your investment. The savvy consumer checks reviews online to compare the most suitable options, research that will help you to make a wise investment. We’re happy you’re here, and hope you find our honest product reviews helpful!

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Not All GPS Trackers are Created Equal

While it may come down to your personal preference, budget, animal size and fur type, we’ve identified the 5 best GPS Trackers for Dogs below that you should consider:

Garmin Astro GPS Collar

Garmin is known for its high-quality electronic gadgets; professionals consider it one of the most trustworthy brands to purchase GPS devices. They have recently launched so many GPS units for hunting dogs. Out of the wide list of products available from Garmin, here we have picked Garmin Astro GPS Collar for review. This product can handle your pet tracking needs easily on the go. While this unit does put a dent in the wallet, this is our top choice as the Best GPS Tracker for Dogs.

Top Features:

        • This GPS tracker offers an active working range of 4 to 9 miles so that you can always ensure complete safety for your pet.
        • It is rated high for its smart battery system that can track your dog with utmost safety all the time. In case if the battery percentage falls below 25%, the system will automatically switch to ?Rescue Mode? so that you can ensure complete safety of your pet.
        • The great news for buyers is that this GPS collar is designed to work efficiently on the desktop. The base station of this tracker can be connected to the computer directly and it will soon start serving as a monitoring station for the pet owner. This tracker unit automatically downloads all the topographic maps and set landmarks for your pet?s movements.
        • Hunters will also be able to use special hunting stats with the help of Covey Counter. It can mark locations of prey on the go.
        • Garmin Astro 320 GPS collar has the ability to map with BirdsEye Satellite Imagery as well as to TOPO maps that assist in efficient pet location tracking.

Whistle 3 GPS and Activity Monitor

The Whistle has been a big hit on the market since it came out in 2012. Since then they have come out with multiple upgrades. The current Whistle 3 is a great product.? It has the most advanced GPS tracker with an app based monitoring system that can help users to stay tuned to the health of their furry friend while getting quick updates about his/her movement and location. It is the best choice in the “below $100” price range and can help you have an eye on your pet remotely. To note, this tracker is generally recommended for the pets above a 15lb weight range, due to it’s size and weight it seems.

Top Features:

    • This product is designed with Live GPS Tracking ability so that pet owners can receive all updates about their pet?s location on the map.
    • It allows users to set safe zones for pet movements. In case if your pet tries to step out of that safe zone, you will get an instant alert message on your phone.
    • The great news for pet owners is that this multitasking GPS tracker can also monitor the regular health of your pet. You can easily compare any changes in his health by comparing rest, exercise and sleep routines via this device.
    • It can also help to set pet fitness goals to determine how much exercises he needs in a day.
    • Whistle Activity Monitor is designed with the waterproof housing so that even if your pet gets wet outside while playing, you don’t lose tracking details.
    • This GPS tracker can be easily attached to any harness or dog collar having at least 1? width.

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

This company has proven their vision by launching few highly advanced GPS tracking collars. Tractive manufacturers are now widely known for various dogs training equipment, health monitors, and tracking units. They have done a great job with the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker, one of the recent and most popular products from this company. It is recommended for smaller pets with a maximum 9 pound weight. If you are looking for an investment also under $100 then this GPS tracker can provide you complete assistance with your dog monitoring needs.

Top Features:

      • This advanced GPS tracker can be easily used for real-time tracking of dogs, cat, horses and many other pets as well using Tractive LIVE app. The control app works perfectly on iOS and Android devices.
      • Users are allowed to create safe zones for their pets using this hi-tech GPS tracker system so that you can limit his movement in defined range for complete safety. As soon as your pet takes a step out of permitted movement area, you will get immediate alert on your device.
      • It can provide you well-compiled report for all 24-hour movements of your furry friend so that you can understand the common trends and make efforts to keep him safe from any harm in the area.
      • You can also purchase a pet remote to control the training hours of your pet in an efficient manner.
      • This device is rated high for its awesome battery life. It takes around 2 hours to get fully charged and then can be used for 2 to 5 days depending upon usage hours.

POD GPS Tracker for Dogs?

This GPS Tracker fits perfectly with dogs and cats. Most of the pet lovers find it a great choice due to its easy release collars that are safe for the situation when your pet is stuck somewhere. One downside is that it is equipped with rechargeable batteries so you may have to be careful about your pet movements when your device is in the house, charging. However, you can have extra batteries to keep device activated all the time. Although it falls in the higher price segment, many pet owners call it a good choice for better coverage and advanced live tracking features.

Top Features:

        • You can enjoy live tracking via app-based controls for all pet movements.
        • The interactive app can also help you to set safe zones and owners can also track pet health with ease. This app will provide an instant alert on your phone when the dog escapes out of the safe zone and you will also be able to track the health patterns via routine sleep, exercise and rest details.
        • This GPS tracker works perfectly in almost 175 countries.
        • You can secretly record continuous 8-hour activities of your pet and get all details on the app via connecting it with Bluetooth based connection.
        • It is the best small sized tracking unit that offers full comfort to your pet.
        • Pod 2 GPS is finished with waterproof design.
        • Equipped with rechargeable and interchangeable batteries.

FitBark Dog Activity Monitor

This company has recently joined the competition but manufacturers at this terminal are capable enough to design smartest solutions for pet tracking systems. Here we are going to talk about one of the most wonderful products of this company. This sensor is highly suitable for daily activity tracking as well as monitoring the health of your pet. However, while this tracker graphs your pet’s activity, it is NOT a GPS tracking device.

Top Features:

        • It is a small size solution for pet tracking that can fit comfortably to any dog size.
        • FitBark Dog Activity Monitor is a waterproof tracker that can help you to stay connected to your pet irrespective of his water-based playing activities.
        • You can control this tracker via specially designs apps that work perfectly on iOS and Android device. It also offers easy tracking via web.
        • The best news for buyers is that it comes with 14 days battery backup so you will find lots of time between recharges.
        • It can be connected to external devices via Bluetooth for easy sharing of data and controls.
        • This tracker is currently available in five different colors so you can pick an attractive gadget for your pet.

The Bottom Line

GPS tracking units are designed to keep your pet safe . When you are too occupied with your work and cannot keep an eye on your pet, or are off on an adventure, these GPS trackers give you peace of mind.

We hope we helped you find the?best gps tracker for dogs?in this review! Don’t forget to get a waterproof camera too, and enjoy your time outdoors!



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