Best Point and Shoot GPS Camera

Best Point and Shoot GPS Camera

Working or playing outside requires a camera as tough as you are. Especially in a work environment, where you’re not there for fun and need to capture images as part of the daily routine, you want a camera that will deliver consistently. There are a number of options for capturing GPS photos these days, not the least of which is simply using your cell phone. However, not all cell phones actually have GPS yet (I know, crazy) and there are a number of problems with using your phone as a standard work camera; namely battery life, waterproof-ness and drop sensitivity (or lack thereof) and easy to use controls for those cold or wet days where you may be wearing gloves. It’s a great idea to have the Best Point and Shoot GPS Camera with you on the job.

Outdoor surveys require solid photographs, and often require a Photopoint Map on the back-end as part of the report. The old school way to do this was pull out the paper map and note every photo point each time you also pulled out the camera, then you pass that hand written map off to the GIS person, and they digitize each point one at a time. It’s a pain. It’s 2018, and we’re past that now. For wetland delineations, ecology surveys, or recreating in the backcountry on the weekend, the tools you use should be water proof and be able to resist the harsh conditions that you find yourself in, and they should complement your workflow, not clutter it.

The Nikon Coolpix W300 Shock & Waterproof GPS Digital Camera is arguably the best point and shoot GPS camera for serious outdoor enthusiasts and professionals. Read on for some of the best features that make the Nikon Coolpix W300 the best choice for a rugged GPS field camera.

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Nikon Coolpix W300 is the Best Point and Shoot GPS Camera

Weather Proof and Can Resist Shock

Outdoor work conditions are sometimes harsh, and therefore you need to have a tough device that can resist the shock of daily use including drops from a pocket, or a car door. Additionally when you are working rocky environments, you need a device that can absorb shock if you lose traction, slip and fall down, potentially landing on your camera pocket.

Similarly, work and play is often near water. If you drop your camera, especially in a wetland, bog, or riverine setting, it can shut down your day if it breaks. The Nikon AW300 will survive, and with flying colors. In fact, it’s rated to go underwater to 52 feet, which is about the limit for recreational diving! Go ahead, take it kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, or anywhere the action is. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your investment can handle the conditions is worth it!

Advanced Technology Features

The Nikon Coolpix W300 is good because it has great modern day essential features such as WIFI for fast transfer of pictures. Why do you want that? If you need to transfer your captured pictures to your cell phone (to send off to show a manager, or to include in an electronic field form), you can easily do it. The NFC feature allows you to easily transfer data by tapping on another NFC enabled device. This camera always boats Bluetooth, and standard Wifi connections. This is a great advancement since you can multitask as you transfer the images. You don’t need to do it manually like was the case with a traditional camera.

The GPS feature helps you to record the locations where you are taking the photos, and therefore you can easily refer back to locations using a tool such as Google Earth or the NX2 software that comes with the camera. This is a good feature when you are working outside since you won?t have to pull out your notebook when it is raining for little things like shooting a noxious weed observed, or some hazardous material stockpile.

The power saving features on the Nikon Coolpix W300 Shock & Waterproof GPS Digital Camera make the battery last longer. It’s common to get a full day’s worth of photos without draining the battery down. That said, the GPS does require more battery than not, and Nikon has provided the option to turn it off when it’s not needed.

Lastly, the Nikon W300 shoots 4K video, has improved white balance features, and image stabilization. This camera is WIN in our book, and well worth the investment.

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