2pk-8″-56t — RENEGADE RAZOR / HYBRID — COMBO Specialty — RENEGADE BLADE – Carbide Brush Cutter

$25.25 (as of July 11, 2018, 8:23 pm)

Pack of {2} — 8″-56 teeth GST-RAZOR — COMBO Hybrid Specialty – Carbide Tipped Trimmer Brush cutter Blades, by RENEGADE BLADE
BLADE ATTACHMENT PARTS: Our blades are “Universal Fit” provided you FIRST acquire “Blade Kit” parts for your Trimmer model, (we don’t sell these parts). IMPORTANT>> A blade does {NOT} fit directly on the tiny 5/16″ axle that the “String Spool” screws onto, ALL string trimmers require some type of blade mounting parts (normally 2 small discs, nut, and cotter pin) to run a blade (YouTube can show this). We offer TWO arbor sizes: 25.4mm (same as 1″) & also 20.0mm with reducer washer.
CARBIDE — is estimated to last 10x longer than plain steel but does not cost 10x more creating incredible value. The CARBIDE MIX in our teeth is proprietary and 2nd to none.