Centella Asiatica Seeds Asiatic Pennywort Small Perennial Herb Pink Flowers

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Centella asiatica Asiatic pennywort Growing in the wetlands of India and Southeast regions of the United States is Centella asiatica, a small perennial herb with bright green, shovel shaped leaves connected by red-green stems. It is believed that the species was spread naturally by seeds that attached to the feet of birds. Small, delicate pink-red flowers blossom in the summer. Though this plant is native to wetlands, it thrives when it’s leaves are dry and soil is wet.
Plant in a sunny location and be sure to water often as Centella asiatica is not frost or drought tolerant. Because of it’s natural habitat this is the perfect species for growing around water features or in an herb garden. Fun Facts: 1. The leaves may be used in salads 2. Traditionally served with rice or curry 3. Popular ingredient in vegetarian dishes 4. Used in Bui bua bok drink in Thailand
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