COLIBROX–Anti Bird Netting 50’X50′ Soccer Baseball Game Poultry Fish Net 2″x2″ Mesh New,commercial bird netting,anti bird netting home depot,50′ x 50′ Anti Bird Netting Price: $40.37 (as of 26/10/2020 05:12 PST- Details)

✔️ PERFECT QUALITY–This is our 50′ x 50′ Anti Bird Netting,which ideal for birds, poultry, aviary, games, and pens.It’s perfect for raising any types of birds, poultry or protects them from predators.This netting is also good for protecting your garden/fruits/crops from birds which can be quite harmful to your crops or fruit trees.
✔️In additional, it is also ideal protection for vineyards, orchards and other agricultural concerns. It creates bird-proof enclosures that allow all of the light and moisture to reach your crops.
✔️Brand new and good quality keeping birds and other pests away from your garden, crops, ponds and other areas 2″ black square mesh size.