Digital pH Meter – Water Quality Tester, 0.01 High Accuracy and ATC, x6 calibration packs – pre calibrated pH meter for Water, Pool, Soil, Hydroponics, Aquarium, Beer Brewing, Wine, Food, Urine, lab Price: $37.86 $19.95 (as of 05/01/2018 14:58 PST- Details)

HIGH ACCURACY PH METER THAT WORKS EXACTLY AS IT SHOULD – If you own a fish tank, a pond or a swimming pool, grow Hydroponics, into beer brewing, wine making, gardening or just worried about the quality of the water that your family drink or the food they eat, you know the importance of a precise and portable pH meter with a resolution of 0.01, two decimal display and ATC. You will get spot-on readings of the pH levels of the tested solutions in no time and with no hassle, stress or color charts
READY TO GO RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX – Our pH tester digital gets calibrated in the factory so you can enjoy it in no time and with minimum effort. We got you covered even for when additional calibration is required because we ship our meter with 6 free calibration buffer powder sachets (limited time offer). We can assure that the calibration process is straight forward if you follow the manual or watch the calibration tutorial. Following the instructions will help you get the most out of the meter
EASE OF USE AND PORTABILITY FOR A REASONABLE PRICE – Accurate, small and fast ph reader that gets the job done without breaking the bank. We have studied the needs of 234 users who needed to get their water quality controlled. Then we created a simple yet powerful tool that suits all. Fine 0.01 resolution, ATC, auto calibration, two decimal large backlit display that comes with a hard carrying case for under $20? There is no better option than our ph tester when looking at functionality vs. cost