Follow Me Sports Drone – Hands-Free XWatch Controls With 4K Ultra HD Sports Camera – Shoot Your Action In Epic Clarity And Detail

BUILT FOR THE ACTION SHOT: Your life’s an adventure, and there’s no better way to get all your most jaw-dropping moves on video than with XEagle. Designed to be the ULTIMATE SPORTS DRONE for even beginner pilots, XEagle’s pre-programmed flight algorithms let it automatically follow your every move – and capture your wild side from a bird’s-eye view. Plus, its aerodynamic design improves flight efficiency and reduces wind resistance. Can you say epic?
IT’S YOUR PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHER: Ready to hit the terrain? XEagle’s right behind you. With a following speed of 17m/s, maximum altitude of 5,000m, and flight time of 22 mins, it’s ready to plunge down the steepest slopes when you’re MOUNTAIN BIKING , SNOWBOARDING, or HIKING. It’ll follow you tearing up the skatepark on your skateboard, and capture you SURFING monster waves – XEagle’s precision is down to most minute details, allowing it to record your best moves in perfectly SMOOTH video.
4K ULTRA HD SPORTS CAMERA: Other brands require you to purchase a camera and attach it to your drone. Not so with XEagle, which comes with a BUILT IN HD CAMERA. Gimbal Intelligent Tracking technology calculates your relative position and adjusts for the best angle between you and XEagle, keeping you always in the center frame.