sleeri Weed Eater Strap Weedeater Harness – Universal String Trimmer Single Shoulder Pad Strap – Shoulder Arm Saver… Price: $15.78 (as of 26/10/2020 05:08 PST- Details)

Weed Trimmer Strap—Replacement universal trimmer strap, it works on any trimmer that has a pole or bar which the clamp of this product would attach to. Simple to install and fits most gas and electric trimmers
String Trimmer Shoulder Harness with Clamp the strap attaches to the handle or the shaft, the strap saves the arms from getting so tired. The mounting clamp can be located anywhere on the trimmer shaft
String Trimmer Single Shoulder Pad Strap—shoulder padded, save the arm pain and takes the strain off your back and shoulders, good for weed whacker and keeps the weed eater steady