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Wetland Grasses Identification

Wetland Grasses Identification

You know you’ve been avoiding it, learning how to identify those tricky wetland grasses. Somehow, they just keep coming back to haunt you – even appearing to dominate your wetlands. Often, only a few sparse grass plants poke up through the other plant species. However, if they do happen to be the dominant plant in […]

Wetland Delineation Training

Wetland delineation Munsell Color Chart

A very popular question I get asked is, “where can I get good Wetland Delineation Training”? ?Well, there are a number of online resources that offer great training materials to learn more about wetland delineations. There are a few really solid books available as well, which are a great place to start, such as Wetland […]

Essential Wetland Delineation Field Gear

So you’re heading out on a Wetland Delineation. ?What gear do you bring? ?Do you have the best gear for the job? ?It’s easy to rush out to the field, and forget something important. It’s best to have a “go-to” list of equipment, that will either help you do your job, or better yet, make […]