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A soil knife is an essential item for outdoor gardening activities such as pruning, transplanting, harvesting, weeding and more. During restoration work or a wetland delineation, you might be glad you have a soil knife for sample collection. Popularly known as a soil knife, the original name is the Hori Hori – a Japanese word which means to dig.

When buying a soil knife, length is an essential factor to consider. A simple sturdy design will serve you well. The type of handle should also be heavily considered in your final selection. For the old-school ladies and gents, a wooden-handle version is the preferred tool.

Currently, there are many versions available on the market. Finding a suitable one for use doesn’t have to stress you out. Here are some great options to buy, before your next day out (trust us, you’ll be glad you got one)!

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Best Hori Hori Knife

ZenPort Delux ZenBori Soil Knife with Sheath

The six-inch Zenbori has a serrated blade and is capable of depth measurement. You can scoop, cut, and saw using the knife. Made of stainless steel, this soil knife can fend off rust and endure heavy use.

The manufacturer went the extra mile and colored the handle orange. This feature could help you locate it if you drop the blade in murky waters or the field. It also comes with a nylon sheath with a belt loop for portability. At a very reasonable price, buying this soil knife is not cost-prohibitive.


Vivero Home Multipurpose Garden Knife

At 7 inches, the blade is sturdy and very capable, making it perfect to use. In addition to its look, it has a high quality wooden handle and protective guard. The inclusion of the hand guard ensures your hands stay protected from the blade, which could be especially helpful with wet or muddy hands.

The stainless steel serrated blade on this soil knife will withstand heavy use and harsh environments. Wetland practitioners and soil scientists can take advantage of its measuring ruler. The seller goes an extra mile offering customers a free leather sheath and premium gloves. On Amazon, you will hardly find a negative review. Priced only slightly higher than the ZenPort, it is undoubtedly a bargain.


Kitclan Landscaping Soil Knife or Gardening Knife

You may want to buy a full tang blade for guaranteed performance for years to come. The Kitlan soil knife is a suitable choice for a useful, long lasting knife. Made of a 7-inch serrated edge, it has many functions. The handle made from genuine Red Paduak Wood makes it look appealing and sophisticated than other soil knifes. This gorgeous soil knife also comes with a whetstone and saw-chain. Medium in price.

Fiskars Big Grip Garden Knife

The Fiskars Big Grip Gardening Soil Knife is the ultimate budget option for wetland soil knives. It has a padded handle for enhancing grip. A polished cast aluminum blade ensures that it will withstand forces when digging. The serrated edge, a standard feature of all blades, also makes it suitable for carving hard ground. At less than the cost of a taco dinner and with a lifetime warranty, many customers have favored this knife.


Black Iron Hori-Hori Gardening Knife

With a money-back guarantee, the Black Iron Hori Hori is an attractive, sturdy soil knife. Its 7-inch blade is not serrated making it truly multipurpose. You will get a thick leather sheath, durable, and well-made. Made in the USA, it has an attractive price and is a great knife for gardening.


Bottom Line: Buy the Best Soil Knife for your situation

For wetland delineation work, restoration, gardening, or nursery work, make sure that the soil knife you select provides all the functionalities needed. A serrated blade, measuring capability, handle type and length are the top factors to consider.? Also, don’t forget to look at a soil probe or shovel for your work as well!


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